Resume here!

Welcome to my life! If you are here, it's probably because you want to know more about me. 🤘

  • Before being a designer,

    I wanted to be a professional gymnast 🤸🏻‍♀️. I trained for 5 hours per day after school and competed every weekend in the group and individual state competitions (It was really hard 😭). However, due to an injury, I had to leave the competition 😢.

    Thanks to the hard training sessions and the teamwork 🤝, I learned to work hard to pursue and achieve a result to become seventh of Catalonia ✌️. Due to the injury, I learned never to give up 🙌. Despite obstacles, there is always a plan b 😊.

  • In process of...

    It was then that I understood that there were many other things that I liked 🤩, not only gymnastics.

    For this reason, I started to learn some Corean 🇰🇷 for myself. I also joined art classes 👩🏻‍🎨, started editing videos 🎬, and create animations effects, study design basics, took and edit photos 📷, dance, play volleyball 🏐, play the piano 🎹, and learn how to cook many kinds of dishes 👩🏻‍🍳.

    I really in loved with everything. 😍

  • 2017 – 2018

    Through the third year of the University, I participated in an International Contest (in collaboration with the company Game Solution Asia), in the Entrepreneur of the Year Contest by EY.

    I won the contest ✌️🏆 (I could'nt believe it! I won it!!) 😱. I had the opportunity to work for Michael Kors and Cartier as UX/UI & digital designer in Shanghai for three months 🤩. It was an exciting experience. I was alone in a different country with a language that I didn't talk 🤯. Nevertheless, I learned a lot of Chinese 🇨🇳, and I could improve the English level 🇺🇸.

  • 2019

    Finally, finished the Degree 🎓, due to the unfavorable employment situation (not everything is so easy 😭), I decided to start working as a freelance while I was actively seeking an opportunity job because I hate to do nothing 💪.

    I could lead projects from scratch, the idea 🤔, or concept 💡, to the development. Helping entrepreneurs and small businesses 🤝 to design their identities and websites, improving their user experience and advisors to succeed in the digital world 🚀.

    With patience, in October of 2019, I started my adventure at Memondo Network 🙌 as a UX/UI and Web designer, where I had the opportunity to manage the digital department and the social network as Creative Content with AR technology through JavaScript concept 🤓.

  • 2020

    Due to the pandemic 😭, in May of 2020, my contract was closed 😢, but I didn't give up 💪. I started to work as a freelance again while seeking another job opportunity & improving my skills with online courses at Neoland, or Google.

    In June, I had the pleasure to work in collaboration with Piaotiandi and Everis developer's team on an international project. As a result of working near them, I became more interested in the development and the potential that it has 🤩.

    So I started the Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp at IronHack 🚀 to leverage my skills to learn something new that makes me a more powerful designer and developer.

    For that reason, I continued studying and learning new technologies such as TypeScript, Hooks, Data Visualization, GSAP and blogging design stuff to make a career in this world 💪.

  • 2021

    Just on the last day of the year, when I already believed that they would not hire me due to the pandemic 🥺. I received a huge surprise 🤩. I joined Einatec Consulting 🙌 as a Unicorn & UX/UI engineer 🦄 (a hybrid profile between design and code).

    I was really excited to start a new path and to be able to develop in my professional career 🚀.

    At the end of January, I had another surprise 😍. (I think this year will be my year ✨. Maybe it will be that I am from the year of the ox 🐮, I don't know 🤷🏻‍♀️). Anyway, it turns out that I was accepted to be part of the Young Jury at the annual and international web design and development awards by Awwwards 😍.